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Communicate Your Value. Connect With Your Customers. Increase Your Revenue.

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...because your copy is your biggest asset. You can make the best product in the world. But if you don't have a well-written copy, you'll remain cashless.

It's really simple. Bad copy destroys you. Good copy turns websites into lead-generating machines.

I’m here to write good copy, flip the switch in your customers' brains and make your business grow. I'm not interested in writing slick, pretty ads that win creative awards. But I can promise you copy that generates leads, creates awareness, and increases your sales. And if that's not enough I challenge you to try me out and see if I don’t top every agency experienced writer that you've worked with.


After You Contact Me

If your website isn’t generating enough business, you should shoot me an email. Shortly after receiving your email, I'll do an analysis to see if you can benefit from copywriting. If all is well, I'll send you a quote and the project timeline. The quote is between 500$ and 5k$.

If we decide to move forward, I'll give you an in-depth questionnaire to fill out so I can find out more about your market, competition and target audience. I will analyse your answers and do a bunch of additional in-depth market research.

I start off every project off by creating a unique value proposition (UVP). This is a short statement that shows the customer what value your business has to offer. Once the value proposition is in place, it will serve as the basis for writing the rest of your website copy. I will deliver a completed first draft to you within our agreed timeline.

I have a 100% client satisfaction record, and I offer unlimited revisions for a period of one month after submitting the first draft, provided there is no fundamental shift in the requested direction of the copy.

Contact Me!

James is the perfect client and an even better copywriter. Always works hard, always finishes on time. He is professional, highly available and delivers on all of his promises - an all around pleasure to work with!

He understands the big picture of how to move people through your website and get them to convert. But James also has a keen eye for details – he carefully picks even the button text and image selection.

I highly recomment James. He reviewed my website for free as his first job and helped to improve my web design. I followed his advice and within the next 48 hours received the first conversion.

I asked James to review my homepage because we couldn't figure out why it’s not working the way it should, and he quickly showed us what changes to make. My sales almost immediately went up 26%.

If your website isn’t generating enough business, I highly recommend you talk to James. Thanks to the clarity he helped create, my new subscribers now engage with my emails and paid offers 19% more.

Working with James was a great experience. He is talented in translating visions into words. He was is the second best client I ever worked with and I look forward to hiring him again in the future.

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